Smallholders reuniting farm birds on their farm

An app demo demonstrating the farm birds app for smallholders.

Since the 1970s there has been a dramatic decrease in farmland birds. This is due to many reasons but one of them being farmers are producing crops in such an efficient way for their customers there is no room to allow for farmland birds.

Farmland birds need three things – a home (shelter, trees, hedges, barns…), food (winter and summer) and a mate.

The app provides smallholders a way to identify, learn and attract particular bird species onto their farmland.

Some farmland bird species are tree sparrows, corn bunting, turtle doves, grey partridge, yellow wagtail, starlings, linnets, lapwings, yellowhammers, skylarks, kestrels, reed buntings, whitethroats, greenfinches, rooks, stock doves, goldfinches, wood pigeons, jackdaws.

All information was inspired/taken from the RSPB website







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