A few bits of poetic writing from a dreamy graphic designer

Since last month, I have been writing a few poems and a bit of poetic writing. Not at all polished, but just what comes straight from my head.


We met at Victoria

We sat side by side,
twiddling our thumbs around our tea,
we found something in common,
milky English breakfast – not to hot.

Butterflies inside our stomachs.

words. Painting memories from our past.
Speaking freely like a plane gliding to the moon.
He was a twin.

Breaths, silences.

I imagined him without his glasses,
listening to him caress over Barcelona.
Giggles and breaths.
Time seemed to trickle.
8:10pm and mum was waiting.

– Daisy Vasanthakumar



Sugary snow wipes peoples faces clean,
railed of the dream scale into oblivion


Tipsy with giggles, enchanted by the spell of North Indian sitar playing. Echoing strums of whispers floating through meditating eyes. Eyes drap over panging twangs.
Sacred surrounded by Buddha, Lord shiva and Ganesh in the British museum.


“Oh the cat is alive is she…
She’s very attentive.”

“Get the ivy of the back of my shed”

– man talking on phone on the DLR towards Lewisham


Blue frilly clouds and open giggles / drunk crevices of singing tulips


Roots emerge like a spider on a trapeze, / bottle nosed dolphins and jumping kangaroos.



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