BANFF mountain film festival

Yesterday I took the DLR and underground to Kings Cross to meet a friend before heading to the union chapel in Islington.

5pm and rush hour. I left early as I had a sense the journey could take time. The Northern line was packed like sausages. Cramped into a small space you could hardly breath. Wandered if there was such thing as being train sick. I managed to get on a train after missing three. The hot sticky air feeling chuffed that I had managed to squeeze my way on.

At kings cross I couldn’t find my friend. No signal in the underground. Met at Highbury and Islington instead and laughed our way to the union chapel.

A beautiful building with tints of red spot lights, arches and pillars. The roof was tall and had a wonderful intricate pattern.

The films were introduced one after the other. 7 in total with a short break in between. My two favourites where Unbranded – the people’s choice film and Denali. Unbranded was about 4 friends making there way from Arizona to the border of Canada on wild horses. Crossing wild terrain and meeting a sassy and stubborn donkey on the way. Packed with laughs and socks. The filming was great and the music throughout all the films was amazing.

Denali was a short 8min film about the bond between man and dog. Each going through the ups and downs of life. Bring there for each other and enjoying life.



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