The brown dog riots

Happy belated New Years everyone!!

Spent Christmas down in Devon with dad, my sister and the dogs. Windy walks on Dartmoor and Indian food cooked by dad. Spent NY’s in London at my aunt and uncles. My mum came over to visit for a few days and we went exploring around London, with a trip to Battersea Park to see the ‘Brown Dog’ statue and a trip to the V&A.

We initially went to the see ‘The Fabrics of India’ exhibition but realised it would be to expensive. So decided to instead mooch around the V&A, looking at the Asia galleries and the Fashion Galleries.

The fashion clothes were amazing. Some crazy exotic fashion dresses and a really pretty daisy dress that Molly thought would look nice on me.

British Rainwear - 1910 to 1915 The Fashion Galleries
British Rainwear – 1910 to 1915
The Fashion Galleries

On New Years day mum, Stephen and I took the tube to Sloane Square and walked to Latchmere Recreational Park to see the place where the original ‘Brown Dog’ statue used to be before it got demolished.

Stephen told mum and I about the story of the Brown Dog riots. A riot between the University of London medical students and the police regarding the controversy about animal vivisection from 1903 until 1910. The statue of the dog was commissioned in memory in the recreational park. But the riots where so bad the melted the statue down and erected another in Battersea Park in 1985.

mum and I
Mum and I in Battersea Park by the ‘Little Brown Dog’ statue

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